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Review Methodology​

  • Objective
    We base our advice on the best information available, as well as our direct experience with companies we review. Our opinions are our own, and our reviews are unbiased. Find out more on our disclosure page. 
  • Data-focused
    Our company and product reviews are informed by thousands of user experiences as reported on sites like TrustPilot, G2, Linkedin and Capterra.
  • Customer-centric
    Our goal is to provide the best possible information for users, so we focus only on what is important to them.
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paragraph icon The Review Process

When RemotePad reviews a company or its products, it follows the process below: 

  1. The registration and compliance status of the company is checked
    This includes checking the commercial register of the country where the company is based to check for any compliance action. For any regulated industries (such as Professional Employer Organizations in the United States), the relevant registry is checked. Finally, court and case registries are checked to assess whether the company has been subject to litigation.

  2. The accreditation and/or certification status of the company is checked, where applicable.
    For example, in the US this means checking PEOs with the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC) and the Internal Revenue Service.

  3. Thousands of customer reviews are analyzed to gather extensive information on the company’s performance.
    Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and Reddit are used to gain the fullest possible picture of a company’s performance.

  4. The company website is reviewed to find out core product and pricing information and to assess the website for user experience.

  5. Direct experience — where team members have first-hand experience with a company and its products, this is also factored into the review.

  6. Peer review and fact-checking. 
    All reviews are independently fact-checked by a professional with experience in the industry.

paragraph icon Meet the Team

RemotePad’s senior editorial team oversees all reviews and has decades of first-hand experience in the HR, payroll, recruitment, and remote work industry. Read more about our editorial team.


paragraph icon What we look for

When we review a company, we look at the following areas:

We want to know whether a company is transparent about its fees, what each of its services/products costs, and the specific pricing structures used. We uncover any hidden fees and look at the charging methods used that companies use for their customers. We are automatically updated when any company changes its publicly-listed prices and reflect this in our reviews.

What protocols does the company have to ensure cybersecurity and data protection compliance? Is the company SOC2 compliant? Does the company accurately represent its services on its website?

Does the company offer the standard solutions, or does it have significant add-on services? Are these solutions transparently presented on the company website?

Does the company have a user-friendly website? Does it clearly identify team members? Is the website informative and helpful?

Does the company have an online chat function available to answer questions at any time? Does it also have a helpline? If so, what are its hours? Are consumer reviews of the company positive overall about customer service?