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About Us

With over 25 years of expertise in managing remote teams, we’re here to provide you with all the necessary information to make informed and strategic decisions.

Who We Are

RemotePad was founded in 2021 to simplify HR and international hiring.

We are a committed team of remote work evangelists with decades of experience in HR, payroll, and global hiring. We started RemotePad as we needed unbiased information and practical hiring tools to streamline international employee and contractor hiring.

The RemotePad difference is genuine expertise. Every team member has extensive practical experience in HR and payroll and uses this when offering advice and recommendations.

RemotePad provides: 

  • Objective provider reviews and comparisons — choose the best Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Employer of Record (EOR), HR software, or payroll company that is right for you
  • HR and remote work templates — our free templates, vetted by HR and legal experts, make it easy to comply with your HR and compliance obligations
  • In-depth user guides — find out how much HR software should cost, how PEOs or EOR work, or the most cost-effective way to hire globally with our expert guides
  • The leading job marketplace, just for remote jobs — if you want a remote job or want to hire a remote employee, we make it easy with our Remote Jobs portal.

Our Values

At RemotePad, we prioritize:

  • Global diversity and inclusion — with team members on every continent (except Antarctica), we value perspectives from every corner of the globe.
  • Accuracy — Our primary focus is providing correct and up-to-date information and advice. We implement rigorous fact-checking and editorial review to ensure that our guidance and advice can be relied on
  • Self-improvement — where we make mistakes, we take ownership and are always open to criticism.

Meet the Team

Our core global team has comprehensive knowledge and experience in HR solutions.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the HR field, our experts provide unbiased and reliable reviews based on data analysis and a customer-centric approach that matches your needs. Our expert-written guides can help you find and choose the best HR solution for your business.

Learn more about our experts.

Where to Find Us

RemotePad Ltd.

145 City Road
London, EC1V 1AW
United Kingdom


RemotePad was founded in 2021. 

RemotePad is headquartered in the UK. Keeping with its remote-first mission, the RemotePad team works from different locations around the world.